Classroom Library Organization Hacks

Classroom library organization has always been something I have put on the back burner.  When I changed schools and had to pack up all of my books, it gave me the perfect opportunity to purge and condense my library. I donated half my books to a teacher down the hall, and labeled each remaining book based on ten categories that worked for my library.

Labeling and color coding my classroom library has been a game changer for my classroom.  

There are two things I noticed right away:
1) Students became more thoughtful about the books they chose. 
2) Books that had never been touched previously found new life.

Over time I have been pleased to discover that the library now stays much more organized than in the past!

I purchased some colored labels from Amazon.  The light and dark blue colors look too similar to put into two separate categories, so I just have one blue category.  Side note: These labels are so handy to have to label random things on the fly!  The categories in my Teachers Pay Teachers product are editable.  (Scroll down for product listings.)

The shelves I use to hold books on the white board are actually just magnetic spice racks.  It's a beautiful way to display books!  I stole this idea from a teacher friend down the hall!

The poster is part of my TPT product and is editable. You can have posters printed for your classroom for just a few dollars at Staples

If you would like to purchased the materials I made for this setup, they are available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.  Just click each picture below for the product.

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