Amazon Finds that Make My Teacher Heart Happy!

You already know the Amazon must-have basics: a laminator, pre-sharpened pencils, rolling carts with drawers, etc. There are so many things from Amazon I have included in my classroom wishlist over the years.  

Here are some less conventional classroom finds that have made my heart particularly happy because they are so useful.

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These things are the real deal.  I use them to fasten cups to student desk for them to keep pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, and anything else it's convenient for them to have quick access to.  Walmart usually has cups like these for 50 cents or you can get them on Amazon here.

They're not just for displaying books, although that's my favorite use for them!  I turned it upside-down to stack some large foam dice on, store dry erase markers, and put a couple decor items on.

These are pricey considering you need more than just one!  So, I have acquired a class set in a multitude of ways.  In the past I have sent the link to parents suggesting they purchase this to help their child be more organized.  They typically donate these to the classroom at the end of the year.  I have also included them in an Amazon Wishlist, and spent some classroom funds.

I have used these in a self-contained classroom and only allowed certain items to be in the chair pockets.  This way they could easy access certain folders or papers without having to search desks.

I am no departmentalized so one of my classes accesses the desk and the other group uses the chair pockets.  Now I have rules about both the chair pockets and the desks.  If anything is in either place that isn't supposed to be, it gets thrown away.  Harsh perhaps, but effective!

Teachers Pay Teachers same some super cute alphabetical labels for organizing your classroom library.  I went another direction because I wanted to categorize them by topic, particularly with our Expeditionary Learning Modules.  These allow me to make the categories whatever I want them to be!  The images below show my classroom with the resources I use for fifth grade.  I have third and fourth grade available as well.

Lose the hot glue.  You know you're not supposed put hot glue on the classrooms walls, anyway!  I am in the minority.  I actually have never put hot glue on my classroom walls.  I was even able to hang my string lights with this tape!  WIN!

Okay, I fee like everyone knows about this by now, but I did not! I went seven years without one and it and I am so glad I have it now!  My small group table is where I spend most of my time.  My desk sits behind me, so my small group table fills with clutter.  This 3-Tier Rolling Cart has really helped me stay more organized and keep the clutter contained!

While I actually have used them to hang a curtain on my back door, I actually use these give more attention to something hanging on my white board.  It's sturdy enough to hold some little pencil bucks I got a Hobby Lobby.

I dread assemblies.  They give me a headache, and every year I have at least one student who struggles...I mean truly, legitimately, is in pain...struggles to get through an assembly.  My son, Brandon, has autism and we have several pairs of these on hand.  You can see the sigh of relief when they put these babies on!  It's not totally silently, but it really helps!

Here is the cutest model in the history of son Brandon.

When I first saw this, I thought it was silly.  However, I actually use it every day!  I teach in small groups fro part of my ELA block at least four days a week.  Instead of hollering that it's time to switch groups, I just ring the doorbell!  Sometimes I tell my small group that the most engaged and well behaved student gets to ring the bell.  Believe it or not, even fifth graders get excited about this!  It helps with the behavior management in the other groups as well because they know if they are off task before they get to me they'll lose their chance to ring the bell!

Self explanatory.  Save the pencils from being swept away!

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