The Most Beautiful Roof in the World 🍃 Kicking off Module 2 in Expeditionary Learning

This is my first year in fifth grade, and I've been warned my many that Module 2 in Expeditionary Learning is a snooze.

Having not taught it yet myself, I wanted to be proactive in starting off with a postivie attitude. So far, the students are loving learning about the biodiversity of the rainforest, and so am I!  I've put in a lot of work in planning for Module 2 by making changes and adding supplemental resources, but it has paid off so far!

We had a Celebration of Learning Fiesta when we finished Module 1.  After a few flex days we built in for supplemental instruction, our fifth grade team began Module 2.  

We kicked off the module with some classroom decor, and we watched the Our Planet Jungle Documentary on Netflix. I've embedded the video at the bottom of this post. We watched this and read the first 8 pages of The Most Beautiful Roof in the World lieu of discovering the topic. This documentary was so engaging and really got the kids excited about learning more about the intriguing rainforest.  We are still in Unit 1, and they continue to reference clips from the documentary!

I've never made a balloon arch before, but this was so easy to make!  It's been about three weeks, and it's still looks great!  Click here for a link to the arch on Amazon!  I had plenty of extra balloons available to hang in other places in the classroom.

My books displays are multi-functional, as they made an aesthetically pleasing display (my fancy way of saying classroom decor), while making independent research reading books easily accessible to students. 

The images below show my classroom with the resources I use for fifth grade.  I have third and fourth grade available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store as well.