Home Sensory Room for My Son with Autism

Years ago, I wrote about my son's sensory room. I had a lot of people reach out about sensory room ideas, so I decided to kick off my website revival with sensory stuff!  Brandon is 11 now, so as you can imagine, I've made some changes to his sensory room.  His sensory room favorite is the Liquid Sensory Decorative Tiles.  I find myself to be enchanted by them as well!  The four pack (here) is cheaper, but with the $10 coupon for the six pack (here) it makes more sense to spring for the six pack!

One of my personal favorites for our sensory room is the gate to block our Autism Service Dog and beloved family member, Bingo, from accessing the room. Bingo sheds like crazy, and this keeps the room cleaner. Brandon likes the solitude of his sensory room, so this also give him some privacy. When he lets me snuggle up with him on the couch to watch a movie, it's special!

I'm a deal finder, so some of the other things pictured aren't so easy to share. I got the table and chairs off of Facebook Marketplace.  It's the perfect spot for puzzles, playing games, sorting objects, practicing handwriting, etc.  He had a toddler table we used for far too long.  This growing boy really needed a big kid table.

I ordered the activity board off Etsy and hung it from the wall with anchors I ordered off Amazon.  Click here for this specific product.  The name of the Etsy shop is EasyBusy4Kids and there are a lot more super cool options!

More on the anchors:
I love these things because it's very easy to screw the changer into the wall with a drill.  Hammering those plastic ones always cause me problems!  I ordered these ones off Amazon (affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3MfrSNj), but you can get them in smaller packs at The Home Depot or Lowes for a lower price.

Finally, this last picture is of the "toy box."  Brandon's toys were just kind of haphazardly thrown on a bookshelf.  So, when I saw this thing on Facebook Marketplace, I thought it would be the perfect way to store his toys!  In typical kid fashion, Brandon had other plans.  Now this is a cozy little box for him to snuggle up in with his blanket.  I tried to get in there with him once, but he politely pushed me out.  Hey...you can't blame a girl for trying!