FREE Autism Identification Sticker (Editable)

I made his sticker to put on my autistic son's back any time we're at a busy place where there are a lot of people and he has the potential to get lost (airport, Disney, etc.) A lot of people notice it and read it when we're around in public, so maybe we're spreading a little awareness too!  My son is not functionally verbal (essentially nonverbal) and cannot give someone our names or his own name, let alone phone number. 

I am offering this to parents for FREE! It is editable, and you just print it on large address labels. 

***PLEASE NOTE: You may want to consider removing the “my name is” part if your child might leave somewhere with a stranger that knows his/her name.*** 

Click here for a FREE editable version of this! 

If you would like a version of this that indicates something other than autism, please comment below and I would be happy to make one for you!

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