December 30, 2017


I have truly been in awe of the connection that Brandon and his autism service dog, Bingo, have made so far. 


Their relationship was not love at first sight. First of all, when they met it was while we were out of town for the training, and Brandon was just off a six hour car ride and a night in a strange hotel. Brandon had little interest in Bingo, and Bingo was nervous due to Brandon’s severe meltdowns. In fact, at one point in the car while we were parked waiting for our turn to track, Brandon flipped out, screaming and flailing his arms and legs everywhere. Bingo was so scared he leaped into the front seat of the car in my lap. I don’t blame him one bit! Brandon was out of control. Bingo didn’t even know him, and feared being hurt. Those two weeks we were in Ohio training were two of the worst weeks we’ve had with Brandon’s temperament and behavior. He was off. the. chain.

Now that we are all home together it is different. Better. There are a lot of things we can do to help strengthen their bond and by golly, we do it! Brandon is still not a perfect angel, but he comfortable at home. Now that Bingo seems to be used to his new environment and our craziness, he seems more confident. He has approached Brandon several times when he was upset, chased him around the upstairs while Brandon squealed with joy, and has snuggled up with Brandon, trusting him not to flail around on him. (Uhhh...hopefully Brandon doesn’t break that trust!) Oh my...Bingo’s patenice! Brandon feeds Bingo, and two nights ago Brandon spilled his scoop of kibble EVERYWHERE.  Bingo just sat there. Literally. He sat there and patiently waited for us to clean up all that food and get it in his bowl.

Brandon has more confidence with Bingo, too. If Bingo is too “up in his face,” Brandon gently moves him away. What blows me away more than anything is seeing Brandon interact with him on his own. I have seen Brandon rub Bingo’s ear, pet him, and even hold his paw. Those of you who know Brandon well...who have been rejected and ignored by him (I sure have!), understand how truly astonishing this is.

It may not have been love at first sight, but it sure is love!


  1. Sounds like Bingo is working out. And your sons is accepting him. Congratulations and keep believing.


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