November 8, 2017

First Day of our “New Normal” with Bing

We are starting to get in a routine, and so thrilled that Bing now gets to be a part of that routine by coming back to the hotel with us every night. I got in touch with a woman who fostered Bing, and she sent me these photos of him as a puppy!

Today at training, Brandon was whining, unable to communicate what he wanted. I asked, “Stroller or play?” as I pointed to the stroller, then the playroom. He clearly said “Bee!” (aka Bing). I was blown away. Shocked! Thrilled! Overjoyed! We immediately started giving Bing some treats. There were smiles all around.

I promise to get more pictures and videos of Brandon and Bing in our hotel room, but we have just been soaking in all the love tonight and I haven’t gotten very many pictures.

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