April 2, 2016

Potty Progress

We have progression the potty!  Brandon will be 5 in August, and is still not potty trained.  The other kids his age have definitely noticed, and some innocent comments have been made.  (Heartbroken mama right here.)  He's getting to an age now where his delays are apparent to his peers.  We are fortunate that he has a class with children who love and accept him for who he is, but kids are curious and of course don't think before they speak. They are only 5, after all.

It's not that I want him to be like all the other kids, necessarily.  I just want him to be happy!  And lets be honest, who is happy walking around with a full diaper!?  Actually, some kids are perfectly fine with their soiled diapers, but Brandon isn't one of them.  Just trust me on that, and I'll leave out details!

He has gone on the potty every single day for a couple weeks!  Yesterday he went five times, and didn't go in his diaper, except for a teeny tiny tinkle!

The secret to our success is this:  He was finally ready!  We fought about the potty for a while, and one day I just looked at my husband and said, "He is not ready.  We need to wait until he is."  There was no point in stressing him out, or stressing us out.  We pretty much gave up, then started again when we thought he could do it with more more ease, and less struggle.  This started to happen when his receptive communication started growing.  The second key is: consistency.  Once we've got the potty down, I'll write a post on exactly what we've done.  I don't want to to a post on it until we're truly successful with it.

Happy Saturday...and AUTISM AWARENESS DAY!

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