April 23, 2016

New Blog Design... Thank you Blog Queens!

I have my new blog design!  Why the new look and URL?  I was never really in love with my blog title.  I also started teaching and often found myself wanting to write about that.  This blog is for YOU, but it is also for me.  So, I wanted to keep the autism blogging going primarily (don't worry...that is still the main focus!), but I also wanted blog about another very important part of my life, and in important part of who I am: a teacher.  Finally, I also wanted to have a place to show of products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store,

After two hours of playing around on GoDaddy to not only get this new URL to work, but to get ramblingsofaspecialmom.com forwarded over here, I'm FINALLY back up and running!  That was SO stressful!  Getting the new blog design was super easy though.

Blog Queens did a wonderful job.  They were fast, friendly, and cost effective.  Loved working with them!

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