January 23, 2016

Facebook Life vs. Real Life

Tennessee had a legitimate snow day!  We went to a nearby church that has some decent hills, and took Brandon sledding.  We got some great pictures!  I tend to get some pretty decent pictures with my little man.  Even with the distractions, overstimulation, and lack consistent eye contact, we do pretty well.  Here's my secret:  Whomever is taking the picture, takes at least ten pictures in a row while I hold a sweet smile and try not to blink.  One of the pictures is bound to have Brandon looking in the direction of camera!  So here is one of our pictures.  Look closely and you'll see me giving him a little tickle with my thumb in hopes of getting a smile out of him.  Not bad, right!? (Keep scrolling!)

The "Facebook Life" Photo

Here is a picture that depicts a more accurate reality!  The above picture is the kind of picture we tend to post of Facebook.  Many Facebook pictures scream, "Hey, look how wonderful my life is!"  A sweet little boy, enjoying the snow on a lovely afternoon with his mommy.  Don't get me wrong...we did have a fantastic time!  This little gem below, though  is what our little sledding trip looked like for a good chunk of the time.  Brandon jetting off here and there...towards a small RIVER, and me running after him making sure he didn't drown in a freezing cold river, or get struck by another sledder.

The kid had fun, and that was the goal of the trip.  So, it was a success!

The "Real Life" Photo

There are handful of stories of issues with Brandon that I would love to share on this blog to give you all a better sense of what life is like for him and for me.  But, I worry that one day when Brandon is a teenager, he will read them and hate my guts for the embarrassment I would inflict upon him.  So, I refrain from the gory details of some of these stories.  Even with as honest as I can be on here, I can't really give you the whole picture.  What I can tell you is we have our ups and we have our downs.  Sometimes we're on top of the world, and sometimes we struggle.  The support system around us (hence, my sister pulling Brandon around on his sled when we didn't have enough momentum) is what makes all the difference.

Auntie Love


  1. I love your photo tip! I'm definitely going to try that!

  2. I do the exact same for pictures. Drake is getting more aware of the camera...and seems to enjoy pictures...sometimes. But, for the most part there are 15-20 pics and we pick the best. Overall, it looks like he had a blast!

    1. When I flip the camera so he can see himself when I take a picture, he makes funny faces!


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