August 20, 2015

Special Needs Day at the Fair

We had a Special Needs Day at the county fair.  It was free to families who have loved ones with special needs.  Although, for the pure joy on his face that I saw over and over, I would have paid anything.  Events like this mean the world to families like mine.  

Brandon did a great job.  He was upset the first couple times he had to get off a ride, but once he understood that we would get back in line for other rides, he was okay.  He whined a little bit after each ride, but nothing major...especially for a three-year-old.  He was three when we went to the fair, but TODAY he is four years old!

How in the world can my baby boy be four years old!?

Bumper cars are boring!

He could have ridden the roller coaster 100 times.  He is such a daredevil!

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