June 30, 2015

Small Moments in June

Brandon got a hair cut.  This was pre-blogging days so you haven't heard the stories, but hair cuts used to be a nightmare.  We both worked so hard at it, and now it's easy peasy.  There was a clear moment last year when Brandon looked down at the hair on the floor and realized the lady wasn't just trying to torture him.  She had a purpose.  She was cutting his hair off!  It was a total light bulb moment.

We went to the beach!!  This is huge.  Brandon was perfect angel.  No, seriously.  At one point my sister looked at me with bewilderment and said, "Why is be being SO good?"  I said, "I know don't know, but don't jinx it!"  He also transitioned back to school quite nicely after being gone for 10 days.

We started potty training at the very end of June.  He peed  in the potty here at home, and at once at school!  Hopefully my Small Moments in July post I will be able to report we are on the road to being potty trained!

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