March 20, 2015

You Might be a Special Mom If...

19 Things Only Special Moms Understand

This is the special moms version of " might be a redneck."  They were written by a group of strong, intelligent, courageous, loving, special needs mamas.  One of their most important qualities is that they have a sense of humor...something that is a requirement for sanity for the special needs parent.

Let me go ahead sand say this, though.  If you have any comments like, "Well, my kid does that and he isn't autistic." Or, "Well, all kids do that!" resist the urge to be a know-it-all.  This is my number one pet peeve - number one on my list of things not to say to an autism mom.  This post is meant to be funny - a small light-hearted glimpse into what our lives are like.

Now that I am done yelling at you for something you haven't even done, get into humor mode! :)

If you're standing in line at Target and your kid hugs the shopper in line in front of you because her coat is soft... might be a special mom

If you keep a trunk full of bubble wrap in your car for self-soothing... might be a special mom

If you keep a stress ball in every purse and backpack your family owns... might be a special mom

If you plan your outfit around whether or not you will able to carry a mid-meltdown kid out of a room, and have zero wardrobe malfunctions... might be a special mom

If you get lazy and don’t put the vacuum away for a couple days, and when you finally do, your kid keeps getting it out and putting it back in "it’s spot" in the middle of the living room because he now believes that's where it "goes" and that's where it NEEDS to be... might be a special mom

If you stop traffic to retrieve a hub cap that just fell off a semi, because this is your kid's latest obsession and you know he'll be thrilled... might be a special mom

If you go to a birthday party location three days before the actual party to practice what to do... might be a special mom

If your kid tells her sibling to stop breathing because it's annoying... might be a special mom

If your kid “tells” you that your singing voice is ugly by putting his hands over his ears.... might be a special mom

 If you're constantly tripping over objects grouped in three all around your house ... might be a special mom

If your child gets punished at school for participating in an age-appropriate prank, but inside you're cheering... might be a special mom

If you run to the grocery store late at night because you've just realized you're out of grapes and if there are not grapes in your kid's lunch, there WILL be a meltdown... might be a special mom

If you are excited instead of upset when your child continues to try to sit on the kitchen table because he is trying to imitate what his sister is doing... might be a special mom

If people don’t understand you because you say things like, IEP, TEIS, IDEA, OT, PT, ST, LRE, presumptive placement, supplemental aids and services, or ABA... might be a special mom

If you listen to Christmas songs 365 days a year... might be a special mom

If your friends say, “let take the kids to {insert anything that requires waiting in line}" and you just laugh... might be a special mom

If you have carpal tunnel from continuously spinning the office chair around and around...and around and around in circles might be a special mom

If you’re invited to a park or barbeque and your first question is not, “what can I bring?” “what time?” or “where?” but, “is it fenced in?”... might be a special mom

If a simple kiss means the world because that is how your child says, “I love you, Mom..." might be a special mom

Share your thoughts or experiences in the comment box below, and stay tuned for part two!


  1. Love this! My favorite is the vacuum one, lol!

    I really dislike the "all kids do that" too - I wrote about it a while back, if you want to read it. No worries if you don't! :-)

    1. Just read it and loved it. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I just read it and it was fabulous. Truly all these qualities are in only the special moms. I will keep these things in my mind. Currently I am busy in finding some affordable kid’s party halls in Bay area. If you know about a good venue then please let me know!

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