December 13, 2014

On the phone at the park...yeah right


I’ve seen a lot of chatter recently about cell phones, and the call to action for parents to get off their phones, as quality time with their kids is a blur around them.  It’s funny, there are so many things that being a special needs parent changes.  When asked to think of something of the top of my head, I always pause.  Maybe it’s just because there are so many, it’s hard to know where to start.  How about this.  Just name something you do with your kid, and I’ll tell you how it’s different for me…how it requires accommodations, extra planning, or all-together avoidance.  That’s an easier way to explain it.

So, this cell phone thing…I’ve seen three articles recently centered around being on your phone while you are with your kids at the park.  And here’s how this little blogosphere controversy is different for me…it’s just not an issue.  I don’t have the luxury of even considering if I want to get on my phone.  (Blessing in disguise?)  If I get on my phone for even ten seconds, my son could be halfway across the parking lot or climbing a tree.  Calling out “stop” or “come back” will likely do nothing.  He is fast and he cannot tell someone if he has lost me.  I have to be two steps behind him.  He is fast.  I know I have said that twice now.  He is.  He is fast and he is strong.  I have to watch him like a hawk.  Literally.  I do not take my eyeball off of him for even one second.  If I get my phone out to take a picture of him, I hold his hand while I get the camera ready.

I’m not saying I’m Miss Perfect Mom who is never on her cell phone when she could be playing with her kid.  When we are in the safety and comfort of our own home, I certainly have more flexibility.  Full disclosure, I am guilty too!  This is just one of many things that carry a different meaning for a special needs mom.

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